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    this looks so elegant somehow (x)




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    "Rypien ripped it!!!"

    In his first game, on his first shift, Rick Rypien scored his first NHL goal.

    Rick Rypien, #37

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    Dear tumblr,
    We are a thing. There are a lot of us.
    -The Sports Fandom



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  6. David Krejci talks about why he re-signed with the Bruins.

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  7. I will not stay silent..

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    It’s not easy to be me

    nhl meme - one fighter (1/1)
         ↳ Rick Rypien


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    “Before every home game, away game, I kinda look at that sticker on the helmet and say a little prayer to him, he’s definitely in my thoughts everyday and a big part of my life, I miss him alot.” -Kevin Bieksa on Rick Rypien 


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